"The Dollar Is Really In Trouble" - Charles Nenner Warns "30% Of Global Population Will Die In Next War Cycle"

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning his war cycles are going up. Nenner also predicted a few years back that, at some point, the U.S. dollar cycle would be headed down—way down.

The future is here, and Nenner explains, “We have known each other for many years, and I said the dollar is going to hold up, but not anymore, not anymore..."

"It is really in trouble. There is actually no reason to be in the dollar. They especially underestimate this BRICS situation, and all the countries will be forming an anti-dollar. . . . Saudi Arabia is coming onboard, and that means the end of the dollar as the reserve currency.” Nenner says his cycles see, “The dollar going down to 70 on the dollar index.” It’s a bit over 100 now, but it gets worse. Nenner points out,

“I don’t want people to get depressed, but I am really worried. If the U.S. does not rule the world any more... They think they can still tell the world what to do.

Physically, the Americans are in danger, and they don’t seem to understand that...The economy is really going to suffer.

If the dollar goes really low, we could have a small bounce in the economy because it’s good for exports.

That’s just a fooling bounce for people. Longer term, it’s just finished.

Nenner says the signs are clear in the cycle that:

America is at the end of empire... The United States is going backwards, and it is not number one anymore.

On the war cycle, Nenner has been forecasting a huge loss of life coming. Nenner is predicting:

30% of the people on Earth will die in the next war cycle. . . . We are like at the end of civilization of the United States. It’s not that we are all going to drop dead, but it’s the end of civilization. The same issues that finished other countries like bad education, too many outstanding loans and people will become too lazy to really do hard work. That usually means the end of an empire.”

Nenner also talks about the top in the real estate market and why commercial and residential are on their way down for a long time.

Nenner also talks about a “coming Great Depression style crash” in the no-so-distant future. Nenner also brought up that big banks are contacting him to consult on buying physical gold because “they want to survive what is coming.”

Nenner says big banks are building their own vaults to make sure governments do not confiscate their yellow metal.

Nenner gives a sign to look for when the economy is going into a recession that has a 100% track record.

Finally, Nenner predicts,

We are going to have a bad dollar. That usually means people are going to dump their securities...

If you have China and Russia dumping their U.S. bonds, you are going to have a problem.

What I see on my cycle is...The rates that went up stop in June... I am getting very worried because there might be a run for safety.

Nenner is worried about war, and not just in Ukraine. Nenner is looking at war in Taiwan, South Korea, and the Middle East with Iran. Nenner says,

“I think you could have all these wars at the same time. . . . It’s endless possibilities. . . . I think they will all act at the same time. Wouldn’t you? You are waiting for the right moment, and if the United states get weaker and busy. . . . That’s the time to do whatever you want.”

Nenner points out, “Warren Buffett sold most of his Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing shares last week.”

There is much more in the 37- minute interview.



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